Sunday, February 3, 2013

Need a Tune Up?

                 LOVED all that responded from 'Ticking Clock'---and it seems that many of us are feeling the 'push and shove'.  Also--there were words of wisdom and encouragement from all of  you. 

                 I chose this Rooster this morning---he wakes up at the break of dawn--and even he looks in a rush here.  He needs to slow down--have his morning coffee and read a few scriptures.  I have found that is the only thing that seems to slow my day down and as I close the curtains---yet once again at night--it is the only thing that had any real substance. 
                  A quote from 'In HIS Presence'------"You see, a few moments with Him tunes us up, fills the battery, adjusts the carburetor, and makes it easy for us to face life's uneaven conditions."
                  WOW---anyone feeling any 'uneven conditions?   Would love to hear your thoughts.  
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  1. Hello Nava
    This is a beautiful rooster photo Nava. Even looking at His creations is a peaceful experience,... thanking Him for them is another
    way of being in His presents.

  2. Nava
    As soon as I posted my comment I realized I had misspelt His Presence.Writing too quickly no doubt!! I could'nt leave it like that,so came back to say how right you are about rushing our way through life.Taking our time to do things properly, no matter what these things may be, is the way of Our Lord.
    Take care

  3. Lots of uneven conditions here. I am often reminded of Habakkuk when he said, "yet will I praise Him." It's hard to do unless we've first spent time with Him.

    Love that photo!

  4. Morning coffee and His Word, that is a great combination... and yes, I'm in the midst of being thrown off tract... I'm your newest follower and rss subscriber...

  5. He is one handsome fellow...All that color just makes me smile and remember that God sure was having fun when He was creating.....You are absolutely right about spending first thing with the Father and His Word....Just starts the day off right and prepares us for what is ahead that day.....In other words, we get our marching orders for the day when we spend those early morning moments with our Creator....

    Sent you a message on FB...

    1. Nancy--yes--God had some fun days creating. Even if we didn't have colorful Roosters--and 'Simon'---we could just look at each other and figure that one out---I suppose. :)

  6. Amen to the quote from "His Presence"! And Awesome to the photo of the rooster!